I.0: References

In the first post of the series I want to list references that are relevant to adic spaces. I will update the list with new titles along writing this blog.

Works of Huber:

R. Huber, “Bewertungsspektrum und rigide Geometrie”, Regensburger Math. Schriften 23 (1993)
R. Huber, “Continuous valuations“, Math. Zeit. 212 (1993)
R. Huber, “A generalization of formal schemes and rigid-analytic varieties“, Math. Zeit. 217 (1994)
R. Huber, “Etale cohomology of rigid-analytic varieties and adic spaces”, Aspects of Mathematics E30 (1996)


S. Bosch, U. Guntzer, R. Remmert, “Non-Archimedean Analysis”, Springer (1984), book
K. Buzzard, A. Verberkmoes, “Stably uniform affinoids are sheafy
J.M. Fontaine, “Perfectoides, presque purete et monodromie-poids“, n. 1057 Seminaire Bourbaki, Juin 2012
J. Fresnel, M. van der Put, “Rigid Analytic Geometry and Its Applications“, book 2012
O. Gabber, L. Ramero “Almost ring theory“, book
K. Kedlaya, “Reified valuations and adic spectra
P. Scholze, “Perfectoid spaces“, Publ. math. de l’IHÉS 116 (2012), no. 1, 245-313.
P. Scholze, “p-adic Hodge theory for rigid-analytic varieties“, Forum of Mathematics, Pi, 1, e1, 2013.
P. Scholze, “Perfectoid spaces: A survey“, Current Developments in Mathematics, 2012.
P. Scholze, “Perfectoid spaces and their Applications“, Proceedings of the ICM 2014.
T. Wedhorn, “Adic spaces” unpublished notes

Other sources:

B. Conrad, seminar on perfectoid spaces
H. Matsumura, “Commutative ring theory”, in particular chapter 10
P. Scholze, lectures on p-adic geometry


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